Cutting&Serving Boards/Utensils

It is important to remember that most, if not all, wooden cutting boards are made with water-resistant glue, not water-proof glue. After every use, wash your cutting board with hot water and a sponge, with soap or a liquid dish detergent, but not with a product intended for the dishwasher. Place the cutting board on edge in a dish drainer or hand dry with a dish towel. Never leave a wooden cutting board soaking unattended in a sink or dish pan. Never put a wooden cutting board in a dishwasher. If you do, the surface of the board will become rough and the glue joints WILL eventually fail.

If any of your wooden products begin to look dry or dull, apply a generous coat of a food-safe mineral oil finish. Heat the oil up a bit first if possible, then wait a few hours (or even overnight) and wipe off every trace with a towel. The idea is to protect the wood, but not allow the oil to build up. Don’t use vegetable oil or olive oil; they get sticky and go rancid after a while. There is no “rule of thumb” on how often you should refresh the finish, but certainly at least 2-3 times each year. You can also sand lightly with a fine grit sandpaper to refresh the "fuzzy" finish at any time. 

All of the wood products have already been finished with a mineral oil and beeswax mixture that we make here, but we can send you more of this if you would like. 

Thank you very much and if you have any questions or problems, please let us know.